The Walken Dead Returns


Man, if only this was real. I’d watch the heck out of that show.

Anyway, the third season of the hit series The Walking Dead aired on Sunday, February 12th. I, like I’m sure many a dead-head did, planned my evening around it. When the haunting theme music played, it reminded me of how much I’ve missed the series over the last few months.


Emotions run high in this episode (called “Nebraska,” by the way). The massacre at the barn leaves none unaffected. While some characters indulge in fits of rage and grief, others mourn privately, physically distancing themselves from the group. Carol wanders into the woods to mourn her daughter, looking aimless and empty upon her return. Daryl, too, finds solitude in the woods, sharpening a knife while lost in thought. Herschel rediscovers the town’s old tavern and resurrects old demons.

It is interesting to see how the group responds after the glue that had held many of them together—the common goal of finding Sophia—disappears. Particularly inscrutable is the brooding Darryl, who had invested so much in his search for the little girl that he is now distant, angry, and directionless. “I’m done looking for people,” he mutters hollowly.

Things in this episode that I did not expect:

Lori’s car crash.
What was especially surprising was the fact that it wasn’t a swerve-off-the-road-into-a-ditch crash. This was a hit-something-so-hard-that-the-car-goes-airborne-and-lands-upside-down kind of crash. Obviously, the gravity of the situation is compounded by the fact that she’s pregnant.

Rick killing two marauding travelers.
Yes, they were threatening and suspicious men, but the way in which Rick dispatched them with no hesitation whatsoever was tremendously chilling and may signal a fundamental change in his character, and not for the better.

All in all, “Nebraska” successfully got me excited for the next installment of the series. Welcome back, zombies!


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