It is my pleasure to announce that the Kindle store is now sporting two more of my short stories!

One is a sci-fi story, and the other’s horror. I’m pretty darn happy with the way these turned out, so give ’em a look! You can click on the cover art and the link’ll take you to the Amazon page, where you can purchase them!

And I do apologize for the lack of substantial posts lately. School’s nearly done- I promise I’ll write something good after this hectic semester’s over!


Ever since the search for intelligent life in our galaxy came back positive, Faulkner and Ward have trained to become Smallsteppers, an elite class of explorers whose mission is to establish positive relations with alien species. Now faced with the tenth and final test of the Smallstepper selection process, will Faulkner and Ward fulfill their lifelong dream?





Pete and Christie have always longed to move away from the city, to someplace with some green. They uproot their lives in Chicago and find a picturesque house in rural Arkansas. However, the house is a little too perfect, and its occupants never stay for very long…

About I've seen that movie, too

I'm just a girl who loves talking about music and movies. And music in movies.
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