Spooky Stories: Two Sentences, One Minute

Happy Halloween, everybody!

In the spirit of the holiday, I wanted to share some spooky stories— more specifically, a collection of two-sentence scary stories compiled from reddit. As a writer, I’m fascinated by what these stories are able to evoke in a mere two sentences. They set up a scene or scenario and inspire chills and, in some cases, genuine fright.

The most unsettling of these mini-stories was picked up by a film director named Ignacio F. Rodo. Rodo adapted it into a minute-long film and submitted it to Filminute, an international festival that challenges directors to make—you guessed it—minute-long films. This film of Rodo’s ended up winning the 2014 jury award for best minute-long film. It’s called “Tuck Me In,” and while it probably won’t scar you for life or anything, it’s, as the AV Club put it, “unnerving as all hell.”

Sweet dreams, friends!



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