PAC is back!

Back in 2014, I announced that I had joined a publishing group called Paper Animals Collective. We published a collection of short stories around Valentine’s Day called Perspectives on Love.

Now, we’ve added a fourth member to our crew and are back in the publishing saddle. Our latest effort, called Sunsets, is a collection of poems accompanied by some fantastic artwork done by the very talented Theresa Hultberg. The best part? It’s all free to download! Get it here, and enjoy some talented writers’ sunset-inspired poems.

We’ve also started a blog here on WordPress, where the four of us will be taking turns sharing our thoughts on whatever strikes our fancy. I wrote a post recently about making Spotify playlists and how the process of compiling songs relates to the writing process.

That was a very link-heavy post, but there’s a lotta cool stuff going on that I had to share! In other news, it’s almost Halloween, and there’s a new Homestar Runner Halloween toon, so all is well.


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