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LOVE STINKS: An Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist

Single peeps, lemme rap with ya for a minute. We all know that, for the most part, being on your own is pretty great. But there are some days where you feel like the only person in the world who … Continue reading

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Let Us Give Star-Spangled Thanks

Between Donald Trump and Burger King’s black-bunned Whopper, it can be kind of hard to find things to be thankful for on this most American of holidays. Thankfully, when I find myself in times of trouble, Captain Rogers calls to … Continue reading

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Lemme gush for a minute about the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack

I have inordinately strong feelings about The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. It’s the first movie soundtrack I was ever exposed to (the movie came out when I was only a few years old, so I heard the score before I ever … Continue reading

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My Spy Kids Marathon, Continued

Spy Kids 3(D): What If Willy Wonka Designed Video Games? Okay, this is where things start to get a little… well… silly, let’s say. I’m… I’m just going to list some things that happen. Carmen’s trapped in a video game … Continue reading

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I Watched All Four Spy Kids Movies in a Single Sitting So You Don’t Have To

You, gentle reader, may be asking yourself “Why?” And rightly so. The short answer is “Because.” The long answer goes something like this: The idea to embark on this madcap venture was not mine, but my friend Max’s. One night at … Continue reading

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So I got to see Neil Gaiman.

Late Sunday afternoon, fellow writer and excellent good friend Steven Thorn called me up and asked me one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked: “Hey, do you wanna go see Neil Gaiman tomorrow? I’ve got an extra ticket.” Because … Continue reading

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Whiplash: Raw, powerful, thought-provoking

I got into my car after an afternoon showing of Whiplash and looked down at my hands. During the movie’s runtime, I had bitten down a few of my fingernails. My right thumb was bleeding. I also realized that my … Continue reading

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Spooky Stories: Two Sentences, One Minute

Happy Halloween, everybody! In the spirit of the holiday, I wanted to share some spooky stories— more specifically, a collection of two-sentence scary stories compiled from reddit. As a writer, I’m fascinated by what these stories are able to evoke … Continue reading

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Second-Hand Horror: Memories of The Twilight Zone

It’s that time of year again. The one time of year I willingly seek out things that creep me out. I’ve always been kind of a wimp when it comes to scary movies, so I actually haven’t seen a ton … Continue reading

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Word Power

So I attended an open mic for the first time in a long time. I’d forgotten how invigorating it is to be surrounded by folks who share a passion for words. A lot of awesome, important things were said tonight. … Continue reading

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