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Horror Cinema Over the Years

I’ll be the first to brand myself a weenie when it comes to spooky stuff, but relatively recently, I’ve become more fascinated with the horror genre. I think it’s the psychological aspect of it that intrigues me. Why do we … Continue reading

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Hamilton: A Masterful Musical

Yes, I’m most definitely late to the party, but I intentionally put off listening to this musical until after I had wrapped up my master’s degree. You see, once I heard that Hamilton’s main components were musical, hip-hop, and history, … Continue reading

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In the Garden of Beasts review

Right now, I’m a reporter for my university’s newspaper, The Oklahoma Daily. I wrote a review for Erik Larson’s latest work, In the Garden of Beasts. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in little-known WWII history. Check out my … Continue reading

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