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Stranger Things: Nostalgia Done Right

Before I sat down to watch the new Netflix-exclusive series Stranger Things, I asked my friend—who was already a few episodes in—what the show was about. He answered my question with a question. “What do you think makes a good … Continue reading

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Horror Cinema Over the Years

I’ll be the first to brand myself a weenie when it comes to spooky stuff, but relatively recently, I’ve become more fascinated with the horror genre. I think it’s the psychological aspect of it that intrigues me. Why do we … Continue reading

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It is my pleasure to announce that the Kindle store is now sporting two more of my short stories! One is a sci-fi story, and the other’s horror. I’m pretty darn happy with the way these turned out, so give … Continue reading

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More things on Kindle!

I’ve published two more short stories to Amazon Kindle that are now available for purchase! One is a horror story called “Don’t Look,” which is about a girl haunted by a traffic accident and the death of a man she … Continue reading

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Beautiful Black and White: Cat People (1942)

There’s a lot to love about Cat People. How the film came to be is a compelling underdog story involving a shoestring budget and a producer given the task of crafting a movie around a cheesy title. The fact that … Continue reading

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