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So it turns out that Disney purchased Lucasfilm and is planning to release a seventh, eighth, and ninth Star Wars film starting in 2015.

My first reaction to this was a strong anti-monopolistic one. First Pixar, then Marvel, now this? Disney’s rapidly becoming the AT&T of production companies.

All your childhood are belong to us.

But the more important question is the one every fan is without a doubt asking him or herself: What does this mean for Star Wars?

Anyone concerned with what made the original trilogy great has a right to be leery of this business transaction. Personally, given the amount of tinkering the series has undergone in the past few years, I can’t expect much good to come from this deal.

Alright folks, brace yourselves…

[begin nerd rant]
As a huge fan of the original Star Wars trilogy, it pains me greatly to see a classic series mutilated further. I already had to deal with my nerdrage with Lucas for tampering with the original trilogy for the Blu-Ray editions of the films. No, Lucas, adding a CGI dewback lumbering through the frame did not improve the “You don’t need to see their identification” scene in any way.

Leave my campy space opera alone, please and thanks

The unfortunate truth here is that Lucas sees his films differently than most of the general populace seems to see films. To me, film is like any other art, in that a creator crafts a piece and then puts it out into the world for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. 

When a painter has finished a mural and gets it displayed in a museum, he doesn’t wander into an exhibition with a palette and brush in hand, saying “Hold on, let me just add a few more brushstrokes here.” 

Similarly,  I do not think it necessary or appropriate for a filmmaker to retroactively alter their own work. I understand that it is their own creation, but I feel that when any art form is submitted to the public forum, there is the implicit statement of “This is my work. It is the very best that I could do with the tools and knowledge I had at the time, and this end result is the culmination if those tools and that knowledge.” To go back and “improve” on the original product is unfaithful to the original spirit of the work.
[/end nerd rant]

The only way I can see these imminent Star Wars films being any good is if Disney manages to pull another Avengers and gets some serious talent on board.

In other words…

Help us, Joss Whedon. You’re our only hope.


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2 Responses to Relevant news to nerds everywhere

  1. I’m with you all the way – save one thing. Lucas was already ruining things so badly that it really doesn’t matter. Look at the bright side: maybe we’ll finally get a re-issue of the original CGI-free.

  2. Patrick Grimley says:

    Joss Whedon–you must learn the ways of the films, if you are to come with me to Disney.

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