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Logan transcends the “superhero movie”

Much has been said about Logan. Many have praised it, discussed its R-rating, and noted that it’s Hugh Jackman’s last turn as a character he’s played for the past seventeen years. The trailers for this film raised my hopes high … Continue reading

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Taika Waititi’s signature style

Taika Waititi has rapidly become one of those directors whose work I will go see simply because his name is attached to it. His 2014 indie horror comedy What We Do In the Shadows and his work with Flight of … Continue reading

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PAC is back!

Back in 2014, I announced that I had joined a publishing group called Paper Animals Collective. We published a collection of short stories around Valentine’s Day called Perspectives on Love. Now, we’ve added a fourth member to our crew and … Continue reading

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Stranger Things: Nostalgia Done Right

Before I sat down to watch the new Netflix-exclusive series Stranger Things, I asked my friend—who was already a few episodes in—what the show was about. He answered my question with a question. “What do you think makes a good … Continue reading

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Horror Cinema Over the Years

I’ll be the first to brand myself a weenie when it comes to spooky stuff, but relatively recently, I’ve become more fascinated with the horror genre. I think it’s the psychological aspect of it that intrigues me. Why do we … Continue reading

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Hamilton: A Masterful Musical

Yes, I’m most definitely late to the party, but I intentionally put off listening to this musical until after I had wrapped up my master’s degree. You see, once I heard that Hamilton’s main components were musical, hip-hop, and history, … Continue reading

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Zootopia: A return to greatness for Disney

I’ll be the first to admit that I had little to no interest in seeing Zootopia after the first and even the second trailer came debuted (a DMV run by sloths is a funny gag, but not enough to sustain … Continue reading

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